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What Does a Traffic Ticket Consultant Do?

Posted October 27th, 2012
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As a driver, it’s your responsibility to obey traffic laws and act responsibly behind the wheel. But, sometimes people make mistakes and if caught, the cost can be expensive to the point you can’t afford the ticket and can also demerit points on your driver’s abstract that affects their insurance rates where the long term affordability is even worse.

Hiring a consultant brings about peace of mind and confidence that the situation can be handled correctly. Most times fighting a ticket will result in a trial, there will be forms to fill out and fees to be paid, which can be confusing when not knowing what to do. A consultant can do all these steps and explain as they go what to expect.

Some offenses do not require the need for a consultant based on how low the fine is. Those wanting to fight the ticket can just go to their local courthouse and file a dispute of the ticket. Depending on the actual fine, it is sometimes cheaper to just pay the ticket and move forward. Consultants are most beneficial when the fine seems unmanageable and the driver does not want the blemish on their driving record. It’s important to hire a consultant to who has a vast knowledge of traffic laws and one that seems committed to making the fine less of a burden on the driver, rather than one who just seems out for a pay day.

Based in Calgary, Ron Hyde is a Calgary traffic ticket consultant with 35 years of experience as a police officer specializing in helping you navigate Alberta’s legal system. Don’t let a minor lapse in judgment effect your future employment and insurance rates, call A 1 Traffic Ticket Defense at (403) 285-4700 for a free 24-hour consultation.

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