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Save 15% On Your Thai Massage Calgary

Save 15% On Your Thai Massage Calgary

Posted April 28th, 2009
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Its no surprise to many Calgarians that times are tough. According to an article by the Calgary Herald on April 9th, 15,000 jobs were lost last month in March. At a time when stress and anxiety are possibly at an all time high, its important not to neglect your personal health and should consider taking advantage of a 15% savings on your next Thai Massage in Calgary.

You only have one body, one mind and one spirit. While eating healthy and exercising is a lot easier said than done, its easy to understand how we can all neglect taking care of our physical health simply because we’re too busy working, taking care of our commitments, our children and if you haven’t done them already; filing your tax return. In times like these, its important to take care of your personal health when you are most likely to put them aside and when you should get a registered massage therapist to help your body recover and heal from the stress and anxiety that has built up in your system.

Body Overhauls specializes in providing legitimate massage therapy services for Calgary. They provide massage therapy services in their Shawnessy (South West Calgay) location and also provide Mobile Massage services for Calgary as well.

Isabel San Andres is a Registered Massage Therapist and has been helping people recover from sports injuries, stress, anxiety and physical health problems for over 4 years. Call her today at (403) 481-3229 and ask how she can help you recover from these times in Calgary.

Save 15% On Your Thai Massage Calgary is a special 2 week promotion that ends on May 15, 2009.

Visit Body Overhauls – Calgary Massage website.

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