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Mabuhay Calgary

Mabuhay Calgary

Posted August 10th, 2007
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Mabuhay Calgary Welcome to! Calgary’s first and only website dedicated to promoting Filipino News, Concerts, Events, Sports & Businesses in Calgary!

This website is regularly updated with local Filipino community news, Philippine news, Filipino concerts, Filipino Events & Festivals and Filipino Basketball scores and stats. This website offers local businesses the opportunity to advertise their business’ products and services and provides event marketing opportunities through this online Filipino community.

Mabuhay means “Welcome” in the Filipino Tagalog dialect.

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  1. Consuelo Munar Says:

    The University of the Philippines Alumni Association of Alberta (Corp. Access #5016899402) will be having its summer picnic at Bowness Park site #2 this Saturday, August 25. I would like to invite one of your staff to cover this event. I greatly appreciate if someone can confirm his availability. Lunch will be provided for the reporter/writer.

    Thanks very much for your kindness.

  2. Ray Houghton Says:


    I am pleased to locate your site. I am a proud Canadian that is trying my best to make headway towards the Philippines. My wife is now a Canadian citizen and I look forward to meeting her family in rural country in iloilo and helping them with the harvest. We have a child in Grade 2 and I am wondering if there are any educational tools to help with language skills?(digalog)

  3. Calgary Filipino Says:

    Hi Ray, thank you for your comment. That’s a lot of good news! Thank you for sharing. Although we can’t make any suggestion with regards to language classes, I do recommend contacting the Centre for Newcomers and they may have some advice to share with you.
    Salamat Po!

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