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Filipinos Fill Calgary Jobs

Filipinos Fill Calgary Jobs

Posted December 2nd, 2007
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In an article published by the National Post a month ago, Enmax had been having trouble trying to find skilled labour to fill linemen jobs. With the continued job shortage in Calgary, Enmax was spending over $40,000 to run a weekend ad in Toronto.

After responding to an online advertisement, a Filipino linemen working in the United States suggested tapping into the pool of skilled labour in the Philippines.

Today, eight Filipinos, all certified power linemen in their home country, are settling into their new homes in Calgary under the Temporary Foreign Worker program.

The Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFW) is administered by two federal government departments, Human Resources and Social Development Canada (Service Canada) and Citizenship and Immigration Canada. The TFW Program provides an opportunity for:

  • Foreign workers to work in Canada temporarily.
  • Canadian employers to address labour shortages by temporarily hiring foreign provide relief for the greater demand of skilled workers in Alberta.

For more information, visit the Alberta Government’s Immigration website,

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  1. Pablo Says:

    I don’t believe the add. I work for 25 years as a superintendent in NAPOCOR. I upgraded and take the challenge exam and with luck i am a Certified Power Lineman in Alberta for 1 1/2 years now. I live in Calgary for 3 years and submitted 4 Resume with Enmax until now i didnt have a call from them. So you’re telling me they are hiring in the Philippines? Oh, Com’n.

  2. Calgary Filipino Says:

    Hi Pablo, thanks for your comment. Unfortunately, we cant speak for Enmax or the Government. Sometimes it may just be a matter of time and or process. Who knows, a better opportunity may arise 🙂

  3. John Makalilay Says:

    Hi there, this is another crap that our kind is trying to broadcast. Perhaps these guys own an agency in Manila and trying to boost their “sales”. Could you imagine? They are charging upto 4,000$ per person at no given guarantee?

  4. Edward Says:

    We are an Canadian registered charity that is dedicated in providing immigration services. Currently, we need to train 30 Filipinos as delivery drivers, cleaners, and others who can work in Canada. The jobs are guaranteed for these graduates.

    Would you like to cooperate in this program? Please contact me at

  5. Megs Says:

    My fiance is a forgeiner and I am a Canadian, he has passed the test to qualify as a skilled labourer. They want him to have 10,000$ if he hasn’t already received a job offer before coming to canada. Unfortunatly, no company we have applied at seems to want to hire, give us the time of day or respond to us. If there is indeed a shortage for “skilled workers” why can’t we get him a job??? He has 6.5 years in security and is qualified to drive long haul trucks. Why is there no site for companies looking or willing to hire forgeiners??

  6. lisa Says:

    Right on Megs:

    It is tough to find these companies in Calgary. My husband is from the UK and I am third generation Canadian. He had found three jobs, but all three companies would not wait for him due to the length of time it take to get a temporary work permit.

    It is a complete joke!! Why are Filopino’s and Mexican’s getting these jobs when my husband is here and willing to work hard! It is very discouraging, and very very stressful, let alone financial suicide for our family. Good luck!

  7. Isagani Agulay Says:

    I am working as a lineman here in the Philippines but my salary is not enough to have a better future for my son. Although my wife is working with the same company still its hard to have a house of our own.i still want to help my parents but my income is very short. hope you can help me find a job in other countries.
    Thank you God bless.

  8. Isagani Agulay Says:

    im am hoping that somebody will help me in God’s will to find a better employer in other email ad is

    thank you,

    isagani agulay

  9. jonel Says:

    hi there iam a room boy in united arab emmirate,i want to move in calagary,just wondering if theres a job fits my experience dont hesitate to count me

  10. Ronald Says:


    I am planning to migrate to BC or Alberta, any cities in those provinces. I have varying work experience from hotel and restaurant, financial institution, academe and recently as consultant to local government unit for investment promotions and special projects.

    My problem is how to match my experience/background to the needs of employers in Canada.

    I want to concentrate on business/enterprise development, are there companies out there?

  11. Leo Says:

    hi i’m 10 yrs as distribution lineman/technician and also registered master electrician.

    can u help me to apply and work in Canada?


  12. nathaniel Says:

    i am currently working here as heavy truck trailer driver here in saudi arabia i would like to work in calgary if i have a chance i wish somebody can help me god bless.

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