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Filipino Language & Culture School in Calgary

Posted October 27th, 2012
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Calgary’s Philippine Cultural Center Foundation’s Filipino Language and Culture School is a three-year curriculum that allows students in Elementary to High School to learn the Filipino language and culture and earn 5 credits for each course.

This is a great language and culture program for all High School students. Canadian-born Filipinos or ones than immigrated to Calgary at a young age during their elementary, junior high & high school days should take advantage of. It’s important and beneficial for children to learn a second language or their parent’s native language and learn the cultural aspects of where they came from because it makes them stronger and give them more confidence when they are older.

More Details about the Filipino Language and Culture School

  • High School students are able to take Filipino 15, Filipino 25, Filipino 35 as option courses with 5 credits for each course.
  • Elementary and Junior High School students may waive their Filipino language learning when they get into High School for credits.
  • Filipino Language and Culture classes are held at the Philippine Cultural Center on Saturdays from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM.
  • Students are grouped according to age and knowledge of the Filipino Language. Instruction time depends on the age level.
  • The school is a member of the Southern Alberta Heritage Language Association (SAHLA). Through SAHLA’s consortium and partnership with the University of Calgary and Mount Royal College University, our teachers are funded to receive training in pedagogical functions and methodologies in second language teaching

Learn more about the Filipino Language and Culture School from the PCCF’s website

More about Philippine Cultural Center Foundation
The PCCF began on February 6th, 1996. At that time, various leaders within the Filipino community put their dream to acquire a cultural center to call their own into action. After 5 years of hard work, that dream became a reality on Feb 24th, 2001.

Today, the PCCF continues to live and expand its mandate to strengthen and enrich the existing programs for Calgary’s growing Filipino community, specifically the youth, seniors, families, and newcomers.

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