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Great Life Financial Inc – Are You Looking for a Career !!!

Posted August 29th, 2011
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GreatLife Financial Inc. established in April 2009, it is one of the fastest growing Financial Services Company in Canada with offices across some major cities serving more than 100 Independent Financial Advisors and thousands of clients.

GreatLife Financial is a full-service and full-access MGA.
If you want to own your business, be your own boss, work part time or full time, we can help you get you started right away. Call a GreatLife Financial Advisor to help you understand how to become an independent financial advisor.

We are currently looking for self motivated individuals who are looking for a career in the financial services industry. We also help ordinary financial advisors become extra ordinary. In the last few months, we have grown from 25 to 100 financial advisors so for.
Let us show you how to become a better financial advisor.

GreatLife Financial Aim & Objective
For our clients: Pay less, save more. Let us show you how! Are you currently paying for life insurance? If you are interested, we can help you do a free life insurance check up, and let us show you how to pay less and save more.

Are you currently saving money for RRSP and/or TFSA? If you do, would you like to pay less and save more?

For our advisors: Work less, earn More, Let us show you how!
Are you currently Life License in Alberta? If you do, would you like to work less and earn more and have access with the greatest retirement plan in Canada? Here are just a few of the many points that make GreatLife Financial Inc. the only Financial Services that truly is your full-service one-stop brokerage shop!

– Over 100 Independent Financial Advisors ready to help you at your kitchen table, with no other purpose but to make your life financially easier and better.
– Access to all Insurance products like Term Insurance, Whole Life & Universal Life. Greatlife Financial Advisors will help you understand which life insurance is better for you and your family, by understanding short term and long term benefits of each plan and the advantage and disadvantage of each plan so you can have an educated decision when buying life insurance.
– We can help you understand which financial vehicle is the best for you and your family when you save money for retirement. We can help you understand the advantage and the disadvantage of RRSP, TFSA and IRP and which of this financial vehicle can give you more financial benefits to you and your love ones.
– A knowledgeable and experienced Independent Financial Advisors dedicated to helping you shop the market objectively, and working with you at compiling the most suitable and competitive financial plan.
– An experienced account management team, dedicated to you for the processing your business from Submission to Commission.

To find out the secret of our growth and why GreatLife Financial advisors are successful, happy and always motivated, please join us for a Free Seminar Every Tuesday.
We believe Simple is Better

Join Us: GreatLife Financial
Head Office: 417- 1711 4th Street SW, Calgary, AB T2S 1V8
Contact: 403-453-2089

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