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Construction Work – Up To $24/hr

Posted January 15th, 2012
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TISEFA Workforce Solutions is a strategic planning, recruitment and performance management company. They require 6 TFW workers with the following qualifications:

1. At least 3 years swing stage work experience on tall buildings
2. Commercial & Industrial caulking, plastering and fireproofing experience
3. Experience in repair of buildings, applying sealant to seal or fireproof buildings, repair concrete, pre-cast concrete, brick and granite
4. Experience in cleaning & preparation of surfaces, grinding, shot blasting and sandblasting
5. Experience in the installation of expansion joints
6. Work experience in swing stage, boom lift, scaffold and ladders
7. Not afraid of heights (can work outside tall buildings, up to 40 stories high)
8. Reliable, responsible, has initiative and good work ethic
9. Hard working and takes pride in quality workmanship
10. Proficient in English (can score – at least 5.5 overall in IELTS exams)
11. At least high school graduate and a person with driver’s license

Salary is $23.60/hr. Need to be in Canada, asap.

The employer prefers experienced Filipino workers already here or abroad.

Apply by contacting:
Abel Pagaling

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