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Share Your Story with Our Online Community is a community website that was formed in 2006. The website, which is one website within our Canadian website network, requires resources to maintain on an ongoing basis. We created these websites in hopes of uniting all the Filipinos together in each city, regardless of which part of the Philippines you are from.

We do our best to discover new and upcoming events in the Filipino Community in Calgary. Our team is made up of 3 editors who are responsible for maintaining all our websites across Canada. If you have some news, know of an event or concert that is about things that have happened or going to happen in Calgary’s Filipino community, then we’ll be happy if you want to share the news with us.

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Q: What’s the difference between a concert and an event?
A: A concert is when there the performance is a signer or group of signers on a particular set date or dates. If the performance is or includes a dance competition for example, this would be considered an event.

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