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7 Seas Seafood & Grill Restaurant

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7 Seas Seafood & Grill Restaurant is a Filipino Restaurant in Calgary.

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7521 Macleod Trail South
Calgary, AB T2H

(403) 252-8087

7 Seas Seafood & Grill Restaurant is located in a mini-strip mall across the street from the big Petro Canada gas station on McLeod Trail, also across the street from the Cheesecake Cafe. Its average-sized space is filled with lots of sea accessories on the walls; like lobster nets, fish nets and even have a tall narrow tank of about 6 ot 7 koi. Its a very clean restaurant with nice simple decor.

This Filipino Restaurant serves up a complete menu of Filipino cuisine like you’ll find with the other popular Filipino restaurants in Calgary. We ordered their Sinigang Baka (Beef), Kare Kare (oxtail stew), and Crispy Pata (deep fried pork leg). The sinigang was perfect; it had just the right amount of ingredients and was deliciously sour. The Crispy Pata was done very well too and enjoyed just as much. This was more than 2 people could eat alone, so unless you have a healthy appetite that day, there’s more than enough to share a good meal with 4 people.

One of the best things about the 7 Seas Seafood restaurant is the service. When you compare the service to other Filipino Restaurants in Calgary, they do have excellent service. We went there in early November just after the lunch rush on a Sunday – a good time to go if you want a more quiet environment to enjoy your food.

What’s great about the restaurant is that they’re very friendly with non-Filipino customers and the owners said, they keep coming back to try new things.

The 7 Seas Seafood & Grill Restaurant is one of the best Filipino restaurants in Calgary. If you’re looking to try out some authentic Filipino cuisine in Calgary, don’t miss this one.

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