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Arnis De Cadena

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Arnis De Cadena Calgary

403 809-5531

Jonathan Henn

About Arnis de Cadena:
Arnis de Cadena is a melting pot of the finest war arts Guro Joel has had the privilege to be exposed to. Arnis De Cadena is not designed to teach sport, but to stick to the true ideals of the ancient Filipino Warriors and teach battle skills. The Arnis de Cadena fighting arts curriculum is a blend of techniques learned from Mati Arnis, Ikatan Kali, Balintawak the Urban Survival Systems, Kali Ilustrisimo, as well as Muay Thai.

Each student should personalize what he or she is taught and make it theirs. Our curriculum is just a guideline, our only goal is to put out quality Arnisadors and to have fun while doing that. Even though Arnis De Cadena has taken techniques from Spanish, Russian, Thai and Indonesian Martial Arts the true basis of our club’s system is Filipino Martial Arts. Please keep in mind as the system grows, this curriculum will evolve as well.

Stick based is the term that we apply more often to these styles of Martial Arts as the beginner is taught with a stick but the movements of most styles can be translated to various conditions of armed or unarmed combat. The stick is a weapon but also it can be simply an extension of the hand and a training tool. A student learns that if you have a stick, a baton, a knife, or a sword you still have two hands. If you have two sticks, two knives, two empty hands etc or even a combination of weapons, the movements of attack and defence are basically the same. It teaches self defence without having to learn many different patterns for each new weapon, which is different from other Martial Arts.

These Arts use economy of learning as well as economy of movement in the execution of their techniques. They also differ from the majority of other Asian Martial Arts as they teach weapon work before empty hand training. The key to Arnis/Escrima is that if you learn one set of attacks and defence well enough, the techniques can be simply translated and “your hand can be your sword”, even in a literal sense.

Arnis De Cadena

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