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Carmen Steffens

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Monday – Saturday 11-6pm

803 First Street SW
T2P 7N2
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Based in Brazil and with over 150 retail stores worldwide, Carmen Steffens is a leader in the women’s high fashion shoes, handbags and accessories market. Carmen Steffens high quality, handcrafted products meet the desires of the Carmen Steffens woman by delivering a level of exclusivity, beauty and unique Brazilian style which can be found in no other brand.

Carmen Steffens products incorporate exclusive Brazilian designs and utilize handcrafted adornments, hand stitched embroidery, authentic Austrian crystals and an unparalleled attention to detail. The shapes and colors of Carmen Steffens products are inspired by the lifestyle of the fashion savvy, discriminating, and confident woman.

In addition, Carmen Steffens also owns Couroquimica, one of the largest leather tanneries in Latin America. By being a complete vertically integrated company – from leather tanning, to designing and manufacturing, to distribution through our own Carmen Steffens retail stores – we maintain a level of quality and distinctive fashion on which our customer, the Carmen Steffens woman, can always depend.


Carmen Steffens products are handcrafted in small quantities as they are needed by each of our stores around the world. And, zero inventories are kept at our Brazilian headquarters. The result is an extremely exclusive product that you will not see being worn by hundreds of other women in your city.

Also, we often do not replenish store inventories with the same products once we run out of stock. That being said, if you see a product that you “love and just can’t live without,” we highly encourage you to purchase it! With Carmen Steffens products, too much hesitation can result in nights of lost sleep if we sell out of your ‘must have’ product before you buy it. And, the thing is, we really don’t want to see you suffer from unnecessary insomnia. So, take our word for it, if you love it, buy it. We promise you will have an extremely exclusive product that all your friends, acquaintances and passersby will admire and desire.

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